" Philosophizing with hammer" ( women of steel, factory workers in WWII )

" Philosophizing with hammer" (women of steel, factory workers in WWII)



A Match Made on Earth. On the Applicability of Mathematics in Physics, with Harald A. Wiltsche, in: Berghofer, P. & Wiltsche, H.A. (eds.): Phenomenological Approaches to Physics, Cham: Springer, Synthese Library (forthcoming)

 A Complex Problem for Formalists, The Journal of Applied Logics (2018)

An Intriguing New Development of Husserl's Project, Metascience (2018)

Marriages of Mathematics and Physics: a Challenge for Biology,  with Giuseppe Longo,  Journal for Biophysics and Molecular Biology (2017) 

Mathematics as Hammer: the Makings of the Masters Tool, Metascience (2017)

A Match Not Made in Heaven: on the Applicability of Mathematics in Physics, Synthese (2016)

Recent Talks

“Who Discovered Imaginaries? On the Historical Nature of Mathematical Discovery”, 16th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology, APMP Symposium, Prague, Czech Republic, August 2019

“Applying Mathematics: Moving Beyond Wigner’s Puzzle”, 19th Brazilian Logic Conference, Joao Pessoa, Brazil, May 2019

“A Match Not Made In Heaven: On the Applicability of Mathematics to Physics, MathsApp seminar, IHPST, Paris-Sorbonne University, Jan 2019

“A Match Made on Earth: on the Applicability of Mathematics in physics, The Orange County and Inland Empire Seminar in the History and Philosophy of Mathematic and Logic (OCIE-HPML) (Invited Talk), Chapman University, December 2018

"Applicability of Mathematics as a Problem: A Phenomenological Critique of Wigner's Puzzle", Phenomenological Perspectives on Physics, University of Graz, June 2018

"Applicability of Mathematics as a philosophical Problem", Mathematical Reasoning Workshop, Stanford University, February 2018

"A Match Not Made in Heaven: on the Historicity of Mathematics", Texas Tech University, Department of Philosophy (Invited Talk), October 2017

"Is God a Mathematician?", Texas Tech University, Department of Philosophy,  co-sponsored by Department of Physics and Astronomy (Invited Talk), October 2017

"Symmetry since Newton's Age: From Mechanical to Mathematical Principles", Mathematics and Mechanics in the Newtonian Age: Historical and Philosophical Questions, University of Seville, September 2017

"The Applicability of Mathematics: A Historical Approach",  Midwest Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop, Notre Dame University, November 2016

"Formalism in the Face of Complex Numbers", The Emergence of Structuralism and Formalism, Charles University, Prague, June 2016

"Deconstructing a Mystery: Analytic Functions and Dispersion Relations", Second CSLI Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Interaction, Center for the Study of Language and Information(CSLI), Stanford, June 2013


Work in Progress


Emergence and Evolution of Tolerance in Carnap's Philosophy (under review)  [Abstract


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